Drones -- Some Unusual Uses


Some Unusual Uses

 Over And Above Photography uses drones often to take photographs and video of real estate and businesses.  However once in a while we are asked to use our drones for projects out of the ordinary.  

 A drone is basically a flying computer with a camera and a group of sensors to help it keep track of where it is.  With it being a computer you can program different functions into it.  A drone comes with standard software to control it but applications have been developed which  excel in using the built in abilities of the drone.

 One example of an unusual request which we were recently involved with took place outside Albany NY.  A 200 acre lake which is surrounded by 40-50 homes has an invasive plant problem which is causing severe changes in the water composition.  The homeowner association needed a way
to quantify how much of the lake was covered by the invasive plants.  Using an application which calculates a course to enable photographs of the whole lake we took over 600 pictures.  These were then uploaded to a service which stitches the pictures together making an ultrahigh resolution photograph of the whole lake.  The service also allows you to choose areas of interest and calculate the acreage of that area.  It made for a long but satisfying day.  You can view the resulting “map” here.

The other project we recently undertook was showing video flyovers of two golf courses.  On this project we were subcontracted to provide the footage with another videographer doing the editing.   This project required the use of a specialized app to program the drone to fly at specific heights and on a particular course.  This was necessary since it is very difficult to judge the height above the ground as the drone gets further away, especially with changes in terrain.  Multiple “waypoints” were set up to guide the drone while we controlled the speed and camera settings.  The results allow the user to feel like they are a bird checking out a golf hole.

These examples are just two of the specialized projects we have done.  We are always willing to discuss possibilities with clients.