Using Floor Plans in Real Estate Sales

Floor plans of properties have become more available, and more affordable, either as stand alone products or as part of a virtual tour or web page.

The days of measuring each room and then drawing the plan on paper or computer have ended and been replaced by software solutions using phones or various types of cameras.  This evolution has made offering floor plans to real estate agents, and ultimately sellers and buyers, more cost effective for all concerned.  It has also speeded up the turnaround time.  It is now possible to get a basic floor plan in 24-48 hours in most cases. 

Make your property listing stand out with a simple floor plan

As a  real estate agent offering a floor plan is a fantastic marketing tool that can make a listing stand out from other competitor's property listings. Why so? Imagine you are buying yourself a new house, so what would you pay attention to (besides how it looks like)? Probably, you would be interested to determine the comfort and the usability of space, how the rooms communicate with each other and so on. And here you understand that the pictures are not enough, you want to see the structure of the future home as well.

Well, your clients probably think the same when choosing between several available houses. That’s that's where floor plans improve your listing.

Advantage of Floor Plans in real estate sales

>  93% of buyers say they are more likely to look at a property with a floor plan.
>  81% of sellers think that a floor plan will help sell their home faster.
>  50% less time on market with floor plans.
>  7.5 times floor plans are opened more often than maps.
>  52% increase in click-throughs on listings with floor plans.
>  50% of buyers find their homes online and the number is constantly increasing
> According to Zillow, the floor plan is the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads.

Floor Plans We Offer

Over And Above Photography is currently offering 4 types of floor plans allowing us to better fit agents needs.


These are straightforward black and white floor plans done by scanning a home using a specialized application.  They include dimensions and room names.  

Our current charge (2021) for these are $70 for up to 2500 sq. feet and $30 for each additional 500 sq. feet or part thereof.  Typical turnaround is 24-48 hours after scanning is completed.


Pocket Website with Floor Plan

The next step up in floor plans also adds a virtual tour to the product.  This is accomplished again by scanning the property with a specialized camera and software.  The virtual tour is a single page website. It is good quality though not on the level of a Matterport tour.  The tour is easily navigated by users and the unbranded version can be used as your virtual tour for the MLS.  In addition to the virtual tour website you receive JPG and PDF versions of the floor plans. 


Visit the virtual tour to see what it adds to the product.  Note that you can see the floor plan, and use it to navigate by clicking on the "Click to Engage" in the upper left corner and then the mini map in the same location.  The floor plan of the mini map can also be enlarged to full screen by dragging the arrow in the lower right.

The charge for the Floor Plan with Pocket Website is $130 for up to 2500 sq. feet and again $30 for each 500 sq. feet or part there of above that.  Turnaround time is again 24-48 hours in most cases.

Matterport with Floor Plan

Floor Plans have always been available when doing a Matterport Model.  With the new options available we have decided to include floor plans in the cost of the Matterport Space.  This change does not include interactive floor plans which require a web page and photographs in addition to the floor plans.  If you are not familiar with Matterport models you can see an example at this link.

The floor plans from Matterport look similar to the other options but with the processing and editing involved will often take 4-6 days to obtain.

Matterport models start at $350 for up to 2500 sq. feet with additional space charged at $60/500 sq. ft. 


3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans are a specialized product which can give a property an extra boost.  They are currently only available when doing a Matterport model at an added cost of $90.  You get multiple looks at the property which can be quite eye catching.  If you have previously done Matterport on a property you might want to consider the 3D floor plan to freshen the listing up.