3D Showcase Tours

Over And Above Photography is excited to announce our latest product, Showcase Tours.  


Showcase tours combine many different types of imaging into one easily navigated online product which can be added to a client's web page, social media, or sent as a link in email.  The foundation of the tours are 360° photographs into which are placed "hotspots" which either allow you to move through the space, or take you to other content. This technology allows for a large amount of information to be presented within an easily navigated interface.

This technology  could be used to display homes, resorts, museums or other types of properties.

The first step would be obtaining the photographs, video, 3D imaging and other content. Depending on the scope of the project this could take a couple of hours or days. We are able to use previously obtained content as long as the client has the rights for usage.

We then combine the various types of content through an online technology. The final product resides on the servers of the company which has developed the technology and the client is provided links and embed code to make use of the tour.

Trapp Family Lodge Showcase Tour